When I needed immediate lab work, they helped me get the results fast. Pine Grove was always sensitive to my schedule and perscription needs. ~ J.O.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Kress for well over 20 years. She’s easy to talk to, really like talking to a friend. I can tell her anything. She explains things in a language that’s easy for me to understand.” B.J.S.

The nurses are great. I have to get my blood drawn monthly. Sometimes they are on the phone with the results before I even get home. And, if there’s anything different, they are quick to notice. I know they are keeping track of any changes.” ~ B.S.

It’s easy to get an appointment. If, for some reason, I can’t get in to see my regular doctor, I feel comfortable seeing one of the other doctors in the clinic. They always have my records and know my history when I come in.” B.J.