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The Internet: Family Safety and Medical Information

      By Russell Durkee, DO Published in Healthy Viewpoints    This article is about a technology that affects everyone… the internet. Essentially all of my patients, and the health care providers that serve them, are somehow impacted by this electronic information phenomenon. I want to address some of its benefits and why we […]

What is a Family Doctor?

By Russell Durkee, DO Published in Healthy Viewpoints   The specialty of Family Medicine, also referred to as Family Practice, is a primary care specialty where the focus of care begins at birth and continues through adulthood. As in all medical specialties, Family Medicine physicians attend four years of medical school and then complete a […]

Do Your Part to Avoid the Risk of Diabetes

By Russell Durkee, DO Published in Healthy Viewpoints   Recently, I was reviewing the statistics for diabetes risk factors and was surprised by the percentage of patients that could take action to reduce their risk factors for developing the disease. These risk factors can be separated into things we can change ourselves and those factors with […]